1-6 LAT Kup bilet
The  U N I V E R S E  project is almost 500 m2 of safe and cosy “cosmic” space prepared for the youngest children. It is space full of various textures, colours as well as visual and touch effects, thanks to which children can enjoy a lot of sensory experience.
Similarly to the Sensorial Music Maze, the  U N I V E R S E  is a combination of different fields of art, where exploring the cosmic space by all the senses (touch, vision, hearing and smell) will be accompanied by live music. It is here where stories are told, dance intertwines with music, there is time for exploring, touching and experiencing, time for deep concentration and good rest. On this sensory and experiential journey, a small group of children and parents will be taken by actors and musicians. Together we will traverse cosmic space, marvel at the solar system, and then... by teleporting and moving across intergalactic matter, we will see fabulous planets with celestial lakes, craters and volcanoes from up close. We will visit lunar islands, fly through fogs and nebulas, and may even stumble upon black holes. We will touch the stars, walk on the milky way, which may even take us to the end of the universe.
The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Director: Agnieszka Czekierda
Scenography: Tomek and Gosia Rygalik
For children aged: 1-5
Tickets: 50 PLN