1-5 LAT Kup bilet
“When you already say good-bye to the Bedtime story, the Bedtime story of your childhood, you will close a door behind you, an enchanted world, and then sometimes, when you close your eyes, you will see just me against the grey background of memory, among faded slides. I am your Bedtime story, the Bedtime story from your dreams.”
The concert “SENTI-MENTS” is a nostalgic journey to the childhood of those born in the 1970s and 80s, a sort of music album, consisting of timeless songs from Polish bedtime cartoons and series for children and teenagers. Today we can return to it, along with our own children, and dive together into this musical ocean of memories. “SENTI-MENTS” is a concert full of magic, emotions, laughter and good fun. Iza Lamik, Michał Lamża and Igor Spolski, have, as always, prepared lively and surprising arrangements, so you shouldn’t worry about finding a free seat: we won’t need them! You can’t dance while sitting, can you? 
Cast: Igor Spolski, Michał Lamża, Iza Lamik, Agnieszka Czekierda
Adaptation and arrangement: Igor Spolski, Michał Lamża, Iza Lamik (Igor Spolski & The Dudes)
Set design and costumes: Katarzyna Adamczyk
Direction: Agnieszka Czekierda
Light and sound production: Michał Foltak
Targeted at:  children aged 1 to 5
Running time: 45 minutes