1-5 LAT Kup bilet
The whole of Africa is music: colourful, vivid, sunshine and full of emotions.
There is everything in African rhymes. There is life, energy, taste, smell and colour. It fascinates with the richness of sounds, with the tones of drums and of various other instruments made of gourds, African timber, bamboo and cane. It delights with sounds of shamanic songs and with the ordinary life of extraordinary people. Africa is an adventure. Africa never ends… Africa is animals, vast spaces, hundreds of dialects… It is a land that tells stories; it is a multicultural and multi-coloured region of contrasts.
“Mama Africa” is an exceptional project, full of passion and respect for the homeland of music.
It is like a sound postcard from a trip. All music lovers, large and small, are invited to take part in an unusual encounter with a world that bewitches with colours, joy and atmosphere. During the concert you will be able to see and listen to real African instruments: DUN DUN DRUMS, DJEMBE, BALAFON, NGONI and KALIMBA. We will play, dance and sing together. Melodies from various recesses of Africa will resound along with compositions by the authors of the concert, inspired by African culture. This is all in order not only to hear, but above all to touch, to feel and to fall in love with Africa.
Cast: Igor Spolski, Michał Lamża, Iza Lamik, Agnieszka Czekierda
Adaptation and arrangement: Igor Spolski, Michał Lamża, Iza Lamik (Igor Spolski & The Dudes)
Original texts: Igor Spolski
Direction: Agnieszka Czekierda
Animations: Elwira Kańczugowska
Set design: Joanna Gawrońska
Targeted at:  children aged 1 to 5
Running time: 45 minutes