1-5 LAT Kup bilet
Juicy, tasty, pretty and healthy: fresh vegetables as large as life.
They have dreamlike shapes, textures and colours, as well as fanciful leaves and great roots and shoots. Sometimes with mustaches and lush hair flowing, with less often a beard or a short fringe growing. They may be strange, wrinkled, scabby and pimply or smooth, delicate, corrugated, curled or grooved. And how do they taste? Out of this world! Exactly! I wonder if you could build a vegetable rocket and fly into space? Maybe there is, somewhere high in the sky, a vegetable galaxy, constellations of carrots, peas the size of planets, cabbage comets, meteors of beets or onion moons and broccoli nebulas. In the theatre everything is possible and within easy reach. No need to travel light years to see huge constellations of vegetables; you just need to let yourself get carried away by unearthly gravitation in this unusual, pumpkin-like variation.  
Concept and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda
Cast: Bartosz Adamczyk i Arkadiusz Wrzesień
Set design: Agnieszka Czekierda i Dominika Lenart
Light production: Sebastian Kozioł
Technical support: Michał Foltak
Targeted at:  children aged 1 to 5
Running time30 minutes + 15 minutes of common fun
foto. Piotr Sadowski