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Dreams... You can’t just touch them, nor can you catch them, grab them, stop them. They’re elusive, ephemeral, lasting only for a moment. Lost in time and infinite. The most beautiful dreams are dreamt on the bottom of the ocean. Immersing for a moment is enough to use your imagination and see the inhabitants of the world underwater, touch the soft sand, meet cheerful Mr. Crab, gallop with a wacky seahorse, dance with Lady Octopus and fool around with a flock of fish. “The Ocean of Dreams” is beautiful, soft and warm scenery for parents who wish to play with their babies. Created for toddlers from 8 to 18 months of age. It's very experiential scenery, full of various stimuli which children of that age respond to perfectly, stimuli which appeal to and develop all the senses. “The Ocean of Dreams” is a heavenly concert with live music which has been composed and will be played in turn by two amazing jellyfish: Basia Derlak and Iza Lamik. Two beautiful mermaids will help you to immerse in the ocean of dreams: Dagmara Bąk, Sonia Jachymiak and Małgorzata Kowalska. Have you ever heard mermaids sing? Have you ever seen jellyfish play the harp? No? Swim with us then.


Concept and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda

MusicBasia Derlak / Iza Lamik

CastDagmara Bąk / Sonia Jachymiak / Małgorzata Kowalska

Set design: TMW Team

Light production: Michał Foltak

Targeted at viewers aged: 8 -18 months 

Running time: 40 minutes


foto. Dominika Lenart