1-5 LAT Kup bilet
"Julka and the Little Ball" is a beautiful, poetic performance about the emotions that accompany a child while experiencing the world. There are so many colours and shades of a little child’s joys and sorrows… And the world is sooo huge! And filled with wonders to the brim. Therefore it fascinates, provokes interest, inspires, in spite of often being incomprehensible and difficult. When one looks at the world with a child’s eyes nothing is really obvious. Nothing is complete and given, because children are little discoverers and experimenters. Mum! Dad! Look, how many things my ball can do: it rolls and bounces, you can throw it up and catch it, you can hug it and stroke it. You can be angry and cross with it, you can be happy when there is one and sad when there is none.

"Julka and the Little Ball” is Poland’s first dance performance for children from the first year of life.

On the stage is the fantastic Justyna Banasiak, a dancer and artistic gymnast, who represented Poland at the Olympic Games in Athens. The music has been composed and is performed live by Izabela Lamik, an extraordinarily talented cellist, a graduate from the Academy of Music in Katowice. The choreography was created by Julita Wojewódzka, a dancer and teacher of the Warsaw ballet school, adored by children :-)

Idea and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda
Choreography and direction: Julita Wojewódzka
Cast: Justyna Banasiak and Izabela Lamik
Musical arrangement: Izabela Lamik
Set design and costumes: Katarzyna Adamczyk
Lighting direction: Sebastian Kozioł
Running time: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of common fun