1-5 LAT Kup bilet
Fun and Sound all around”: an interactive concert for children and parents
This time the Theatre of the Little Spectator invites little and big music lovers to join the world of sounds, instruments and fantastic fun through making music together. They are invited not as a passive audience, but as co-creators and active participants. We will sing, play and dance; what is more, we will visit many parts of the world. We will listen to the sounds of jazz, pop, reggae, ethnic music, lullabies, and even country & western music. During this musical journey we will meet extraordinary instruments, such as the ukulele, drums, maracas, castanets, caxixis, rainsticks, tambourines, shakers, three-tone xylophones, a wooden güiro, a melodica and a kalimba to boot. However, the leaders of our musical expedition will be classical instruments: the piano and the cello, whereas the classical guitar will surprise us with the variety of tones and colours of expression. We will enjoy the changes of rhythms, tempo and mood together. “Fun and Sound all around” is an invitation to participate in the creative process, to discover, as well as to search for various sources of sounds. Finally, it is an invitation to meet the most beautiful art.
It seems that nobody needs to be convinced nowadays that music stirs children’s imaginations, develops their sensibility and personality, as well as stimulates senses and encourages improvisation. Children love music, as do Iza Lamik, Michał Lamża and Igor Spolski: professional musicians who have prepared mostly their own compositions, so that the concert programme can offer a lot of joy and beauty.
Conducting and singing: Agnieszka Czekierda
Cello, shakers and singing: Iza Lamik
Piano, melodica, shakers and singing: Michał Lamża
Guitar, ukulele, Djembe, shakers and singing: Igor Spolski
Targeted at:  children aged 1 to 5
Running time: 45 minutes