1-5 LAT Kup bilet

What if you slow down, stop for a moment? Look around and see what is so elusive, momentary and fleeting? Let's focus on HERE and NOW. Let's build a garden or a meadow in the middle of the forest together. Let it be a beautiful home for everything that cannot be touched, ensnared or stopped. A home for “the fleeting”. Maybe the wind or rain will inhabit it for a moment, maybe it will be visited by butterflies, the moon or sparkling stars ... Let's catch fleeting moments together and enjoy them together. FLEETING is a performance full of joy, filled with small miracles, but to see them all you need a child's eye, children's sensitivity and imagination.


The performance is recommended for the first visit to the theatre.


Concept and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda

Cast: Aleksandra Tomaś

Set design / concept: Agnieszka Czekierda

Set design: TMW Team

Light production: Vilfred van Dongen and Michał Foltak

Light and sound production: Michał Foltak

Music in trailer: Iza Lamik



Targeted at viewers aged: 1 -5 years 

Running time: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of common fun

Tickets: 45 PLN


foto. Dominika Lenart