1-4 LAT Kup bilet

Is a garden hose a venomous snake? Is a regular watering can – Krystynka the piglet? Does a daisy sprout from a bean? Are all gloves polyglots? Everything is possible in the crazy garden, because the crazy garden is somewhat magical – some sprinklers, toy rakes, flowerpots, baskets, toy shovels, diggers and watering cans, as well as crates and stands, hoses, leaves and suckers, bulbs, pansies, hoes, flowers... all somewhat mixed and all quite tangled, but their stories unfold on their own in this chaos and confusion.


Concept and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda
Cast: Lena Kowalska
Set design: Dominika Lenart i Weronika Lipińska
Light production: Michał Foltak
Targeted at: children aged 1 to 4
Running time30 minutes + 15 minutes of common fun
foto. Arkadiusz Wrzesień