Teatr Małego Widza is an originator and organiser of The International Theatre for Early Years TAKE PART IN ART, the first large event in Poland promoting the concept of “initiation theatre” – a theatre for children from the first year of age. 


The first edition of the TAKE PART IN ART festival took place in 2015, when we organised more than 100 events. Thanks to the success of the first edition and huge interest of viewers, the TAKE PART IN ART festival received a subsidy from the City of Warsaw for subsequent editions to be held in 2017–2019. 


The primary intention of the festival is to present intelligent, special, original and remarkably inspirational spectacles from all over the world, in which the youngest viewers take part, and also to stage free performances from abroad for children from Warsaw nurseries and preschools. The plays which we show during the TAKE PART IN ART festival are largely stories told without words, but painted with emotions by means of movement, sound, light, gestures and images. The Theatrical Festival Studio invites you to join workshops for children and parents, whereas in the Theatre Lab teachers who are interested in the topic of theatre for early years may participate in annual workshops run by actors, directors, international experts, practitioners and experts in the field.



The TAKE PART IN ART festival is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.



...We live in a pretty weird world, in a world of technology, precise actions and quick results, but also of selfishness, aggression, no empathy and worship of tangible goods. Somewhere on the run we have lost such important values for true humanity as wholeheartedness, beauty, goodness, and living in harmony with nature and with oneself. And all these values, including sensitivity, empathy, emotional intelligence and social competence, are largely shaped by contact with art, by experiencing art and by undertaking creative actions. 


Working with children has taught me that the most important thing we can offer them is our time, attention and support in discovering humanity. Help them grow surrounded by goodness and beauty. Show them a world of noble values. Create a lot of opportunities to learn about tolerance, respect for diversity and alterity. 


And this is what the theatre is all about. This is why people need it. This is why adults and children need it. To develop sensitivity, to learn about empathy, to open, build and enhance self-esteem, to practice formulating and expressing own opinions, to encourage creativity, to see more, further and better. 


Let's take children to the theatre. 


Let's experience beauty with them. 


Let's teach them true humanity. These are assets with which they will enter into adulthood and which nobody will ever take away from them... 

Agnieszka Czekierda
Artistic director of the „TAKE PART in ART” festival
General and artistic director of Teatr Małego Widza