The “THEATRE IN THE FIELD” project is the extension of our cooperation with the Collective of Warsaw Nurseries, who is our special partner, because since the foundation of our theatre, it has supported our activities by its openness to look for new methods of work with little ones. Nurseries are places where all our performances are conceived, as we consult them with children and caretakers. More than 70 public nurseries belong to the Collective of Warsaw Nurseries, and the number is still growing. More than 6 thousand children aged 0–3 attend the nurseries. We are very lucky that we can work in a community which is aware that it is important to introduce children into the world of theatre and invite them to join the process of art in a way which is safe, responsible, adjusted to perception and sensitivity of a little child. Since 2015, we have staged over 500 spectacles in nurseries. The opportunity to join such a numerous group of young art viewers is one of the most marvellous moments of pleasure that await us.