The “NO EXCLUSIONS” project is the extension of the activity of the Teatr Małego Widza Charity, which lets those children who have poor access to culture participate in our undertakings. Thanks to the subsidy received from the funds of the Office of Culture of the City of Warsaw, since 2015 we have performed more than 100 spectacles, concerts and workshops for handicapped children and those threatened with exclusion due to a hard family and financial situation. So far, nearly 3500 children have participated in the events. The project enabled us to establish long-term cooperation with many inclusive, special education and therapeutic preschools, rehabilitation-education centres, charities working with children hospitals and other institutions acting on behalf of handicapped children. The meetings organised as part of the project give us plenty of emotional and touching moments, but most importantly a feeling that theatre has no borders, and its language can be as universal and accessible to everybody as we simply wish. 


The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.