The Theatre of the Little Spectator is a kind of theatre that has not existed in Warsaw before, since it is aimed at children, the first year of life!
The Theatre of the Little Spectator is first and foremost an intimate theatre, almost within touching distance. It is interactive, intelligent, wise and magical, based on good literature, with a modern and even a little experimental approach.

The theatre for children from the first year of life is a specific theatre where the lights never go out, without a clear distinction between the stage and the auditorium; a theatre where little spectators can talk, babble, wriggle and fidget. It is a safe theatre where nothing happens unexpectedly; there is no loud music, there are no monsters or creatures suddenly springing out. The story does not unfold rapidly and the plot itself is a pretext, a sort of invitation to join the fun, rather than a multi-thread story. This is a theatre for the very youngest, adjusted to their perception, their way of watching the world. It is a theatre of colour, sound, smell and touch, a theatre where little spectators do not have to lift their heads, since everything is going on at their level.


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The Theatre of the Little Spectator is also a theatre for children over four years old. And here, again, it is different from other theatres. Uncommonly intimate – only 40 seats in the auditorium – a theatre almost within touching distance, without great sets, without literalness and moralising, focused on talking with children, based on trust in their imagination.
The performances of the Theatre of the Little Spectator want to talk to children using their language, not in a childish and put on way, but sincerely. This is the sincerity of the theatre that does not serve the fame of artists. In this theatre actors really experience what they do, looking for a special form of communication, and understanding that children have their own space and time.

It may seem that, for children growing up in the world of iPods, iPhones, Playstations, X-boxes, 3-D films, music MP4s, advanced computer games and virtual reality, the theatre based on the word is merely a poor alternative. The opposite is true. In fact, a wise theatre shows children the most beautiful possible world – the world of their own imagination! The Theatre of the Little Spectator is this kind of theatre. It is created by exceptional people who are aware of the importance of what they do. 

About making theatre for children aged 1 to 4...
To understand the idea of theatre for the very young is to reformulate the way of thinking about making theatre for children, which requires a non-standard approach and overcoming the strong impulses to understand theatre the way adults do. There is no need to build a plot, even less the psychology of the characters. The purpose is not to create complicated sets or make a performance that will please the adults. The sense is to come into communication. Here the actor still struggles to get the attention of a little spectator, to reach an agreement. The language of the theatre is nothing but a tool to reach the sensitivity of a little spectator. It is an important meeting. It is something more than simply theatre…
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